We offer four popular sizes of trailers. With lengths from 36'-8 3/4", we can meet your needs. The two mid sizes are 43'-6 34" and 47'-5 1/2" in length. All our trailers are 102" wide.


Our interior cut gates are a 60/40 split. 60% of the width of the trailer is in the gate, which allows you to unload you cattle two or three abreast.

When opened the gates offer a "safety triangle," which protects the person opening the gate. All of the gates are tall and have a convenient "slam latch." We also have a compelling new latch for the interior gate where the load deck joins the main deck. This latch enables you to stand on the ground outside the trailer and open the gate. There is a cut gate in the center of the main deck on our three longest trailers. The rubber flooring has a 20 year warranty and "raised ribs" which run vertically and horizontally for traction.


We now sell almost 100% of our trailers with the cleanout floor overlay. We use the cover plate in place of the second "board" rather than the first. With this approach, the cover plate "lifts" out of the way when folded up so that any "pile" of manure along the trailer parameter is easy to deal with once the cleanout is opened. You never have to move manure more than a short distance to clean your trailer.

The durable, lightweight aluminum ramp in the groundloading section folds up. Therefore, 100% of the interior is usable space.

Our back compartment is 7'-6" long. This length decreases the likelihood of dragging while offering a fully functional compartment that provides the opportunity to haul three horses, two four wheelers, or 5,500 # of livestock.

The back gate is a swing and slide gate. It can swing all the way open or slide halfway open. The back gate uses large, greaseable V groove slider gate rollers and heavy hinges. It can swing all the way around in the wind and not get bent out of shape.

The back gate also offers a safety latch for securing the gate while in transit.

The rear bumper has been moved back 3 inches. This allows you to back up to a fence or gate without interference with your latches, lights, etc.... We provide four handy attachment devices at the back of the trailer which allow you to secure cattle panels and portable corrals to the trailer for funneling the cattle into the trailer.
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